I’ll Call That Hand!

Ever played Poker, knowing that your opponent is smiling with glee like they’re walking out with the loot of cash and candies in the middle of the table, but you know deep down it’s bullshit. So here’s me calling you out on your hand, you lay em down and you got a pair of twos. Yep. It was all bullshit.

Let me spin you a tell, if you’ve got a moment to spare.

In my community there is what she likes to call herself “A Bad Witch” now as to not offend right away she states this is a “joke.” Anyone laughing yet?

This is how I perceive her latest post, I’m calling bullshit. Common knowledge, She is a professor in english and I am a high school drop-out. I may not be able to dazzle you with big words but I smell bullshit a mile away and it don’t hurt me none laying it out for everyone to see, come on show me your cards! This witch has written a blog that finally inspired to me combat it. Now all of you are very smart and can take from this what you will.

I will even link her blog to mine so you may go back and read hers if you so wish. She has said that is she were truly the bad witch she would give you honesty, real-love, she’d make you sweat and poke you with a stick to watch you squirm. Now I don’t know what fairy-tales she got read as a yougin’ but I ain’t never heard so much crap in my small existence. She also goes on to state:

“The Good Witch is the one that gives you someone else’s ruby slippers and tells you that magic can and should be used to get all the candy in the candy store. The Good Witch brings you a metaphorical soda-pop and a snack, pacifies you with anesthetizing stories, gains your trust and promises to protect you from The Bad Witch.

All while running your prints.

That, my friends, is The Good Witch.”

Then she says:

“Most likely, The Good Witch is all touchy-feely and lulls you with a false sense of love: initially preferred to “tough love” for its saccharine charisma. But how nourishing is saccharine?

The Good (“Fun”/“Alluring”/“ Mollifying”) Witch only offers “false love” – that psudo-psychology term for the kind of relationship that poses as love but really asks for sacrifice in return for domination and abdication of selfhood, the kind of “love” that hampers personal growth out of fear of being surpassed, outdone, or abandoned, the kind of “love” that wants us to limit contact with others by making us doubt, mistrust or be suspicious of others. What’s more, it’s the kind of “love” that makes others doubt, mistrust or be suspicious of us.”

Well seems like to me your definitions of good and bad got all screwy somewhere down the rough road.

Here’s how she perceives the bad witch, if it were her.

“The Bad Witch is direct, will call you out on poor manners, will tell you when you’ve effed up (and will, likely provide a way to make it better), will make you very uncomfortable if you are lying, and will leave when your company has become trying. However, TBW will not deceive you. What you see is what you get. It’s all on the sleeves of her scary, scary black robe.”

Not to mention “If The Bad Witch is the one who tells you the truth,The Good Witch must be full of shite.”

Wow, now that the world is on its way to being upside down lets add a little more fuel to this girls fire.

“The Bad Witch will goad you into thinking for yourself. And then let you make informed choices, sometimes you will do this kicking and screaming. But she will be devoted to supporting your choices. That’s hard work – for both of you.

But where does that road lead? Not many are willing to travel alongside a Bad Witch down a tough road. 

The Good Witch, on the other hand, wants to tell you what to think, who to care about, what to do/read/eat, when to jump and just how high; then she will pat you on the head like a good puppy when you comply. This is a much easier road – for both of you.

But where does that road lead? Are you willing to follow a Good Witch down a false road?

Many are.

I pray for them.” 

And this my readers is how her blog ended. The way I see it, The Bad Witch will in a moment change her colors and play the cards of The Good Witch only to further trick and confuse us all. The Bad Witch will lie to your face, promise you all the candies in the candy store and manipulate you into killing a cat.

Now all of you know one of my main problems with this here blog was that I dont enjoy/use labels or stereotypes. I cringe when someone runs off screaming “Oh no black magic, bad witches, good witches. ..etc.” In my eyes there is no good or bad witch, rather a bad or good person, and if you had pure balance you would know they are one in the same. Magic is Magic, don’t deface it by labeling others as Good Witches or Bad or Evil or Lame. Be truthful say “that bitch is a bad person,” but please dont bring magic into it.

Now let’s look at this Bullshit hand one more time.

If my momma teaches me to cook a family dinner, feeds me, entertains my youth with tellings of her glory days as a wild-chile, lends me a place to sleep if ever needed, is there for me if I should ever need  an ear to listen, a hand to hold, or an asskicken to be delivered I know I can count on her. Does she sound like a bad person yet? No. Okay. According to *The Bad Witch* it does.

A mother who puts her family first, gives everything she can so at the end of the day when the sun sets she can relax in her rockin chair and share fried green tomato recipes, a woman who never tells you what do to, when to jump or how high, a woman who sweats love and asks nothing in return but respect. Yet still *The Bad Witch* says she must be fake.

Well hon I got news for you, you can’t fake love like this.

The road we travel is not smooth by any-means, it is rocky and full of hard times ahead but we oathed to one another to make that journey, to stick together when a bad witch posions an apple, when to bite our tongue and learn a little grace. To know, beyond all else to be who you are and do what makes you happy. And you know what I wouldn’t have it any other way.

Oh and please don’t pray for me.

http://abadwitch.wordpress.com/2012/07/12/bad-witch-goad-witch/ ( here’s the link I promised earlier)