Sunshine Blog Award

I’ve been nominated for the Sunshine Award by (Camenae deWelles)

Thank you, lovely!

The rules:

Blog about your nomination and link back to the blogger who nominated you.

Answer 10 questions. (See below.)

Nominate 10 bloggers for the award and link them to the post. (I’m shooting for 3 or 5.)

Leave comments on your nominee’s blogs let them know about their award. (As soon as I get to 3 or 5.)

Questions. A little different. And good practice for continuing vagary on my part, right?

Who is your favorite philosopher?
Hmm, well now if I had to pick it’d be Plato. He was just too groovy not to like.

What is your favorite number?
Favorite number, easy question, 3. I was born on the 3rd and everything in my life seems to revolve around the number 3.

What is your favorite animal?
hmm, this one is tough… wolf, cat, owl, and fox. I guess all the animals that I feel connected with. Oh and duh Dragons.

What are your Facebook and Twitter URL’s? <— that’s my Facebook, twitter is well too lame for me.

What is your favorite time of day?
Early morning, watching the sunrise, the world wakes up with a cigarette and cup a coffee. Or Sunset. Both times seem to inspire me the most.

What was your favorite vacation?
Going out to my favorite spot in the woods with my bestie, with some fungus, and lots of water. The coyotes out there are sweet and sound amazing.

What is your favorite physical activity?
Watering the garden, planting, weeding, picking eggs outta my chicken coop, taking my doggies to the dog park. Or going out to the creek and drinking.

Favorite Non Alcoholic Drink?
There are non-alcoholic drinks!!! If all the rum is gone then I choose Coconut water.

What is your favorite Flower?
Gardenia, Jasmine, Moon flowers, and White Oleander. I can’t pick one of anything.

What is your passion?
Creating art, stories, blogs, passion between people, growing things, learning things, and family!!

So, time for the nomination part, I guess. Here goes:



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