Sweet sisterhood

This blog is for my sister. She has inspired me to write and I hope she doesn’t mind. First let’s go back in time about three years ago I was a junior in high school and fresh set on easy living.

One of my friends at the time had pulled me aside to introduce me to her, without really meaning too.
We had fun and I knew from the start of things she was different than any other friend.
One day I saw her pull out a book that sparked an interest between us. We followed that path together, finding sweet flower petal cups and magic in a college town.

We spent our time not in school but with mother nature, everyday if we could. She had a jeep that I swear could’ve flown us to the moon if we would’ve tried.
It took us to special place where corruption doesn’t live and you leave no trace. We had found a sanctuary and it was beautiful. I remember the rock maze like it was yesterday.
The way the stars lit up the whole sky and the coyotes howled to the blue moon.
This my readers, this place we would not have found on our own.

We would adventure past there and on to empty fields with setting suns, local pools underneath the changing skies, we saw the sun and moon fly into us and pass by. We took moments and saved them in time when we went to the metal bridge and there was that oh so cold whip of the fall winds. Wrapped in blankets and friends close by we returned to the sanctuary to watch those same stars fall from their place in the sky.

Not long after that graduation was in sight but things were getting worse for me so I dropped out to survive.
Time has kept spinning since then but now my younger sister is a mother and I love that baby like we’ve always been kin. Her place beside me hasn’t changed one bit, we are stronger yet.

She may not know how proud of her I am, but here it is. She may be young but she is strong. She is wiser than most parents and cares for only her child as she should. A mother who would fight anyone who’d try and tell her otherwise including quack job doctors.

She is a goddess in the kitchen and I can only hope she teaches me. She’s my sister maybe not blood but most defiantly magic. And without a doubt family. Sisterhood is the greatest gift other than motherhood.

She is the inspiration I need when I think i’m going through something rough. She has always been there to help me if I ever needed, or needed a voice to stand up for me when I wasn’t there to do it myself.

She and I have grown much since high school, we may have strayed from each other in the past through distance and time but our bond will always live.

She’s the kind of sister I can meet up with and feel like I never left. The one who understands me in more ways then just my words, when it only takes a look to convey a conversation, I know she’s my sister.

I know big momma likes to work wonders but I would have never imagined I’d be so lucky.

I thank my stars every night for such a blessed life. Sisterhood we’re thicker than thieves, we know each others fears and we know each others dreams.

No matter who tries to break us apart we are above all that, and face it, way too smart. Things will happen and things will be said but I’ll love my sister even after I’m dead.

This is true, if you have a sister, you probably feel like I do. This blogs for you, and you know who you are, my sweet sister remember i’m never too far.

Hazey )O(


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