Scary scary monster comin at me fast,
A very evil witch I’d say has passed.
Nightmare Oh Nightmare
Why do you come,
I’m only trying to rest here, don’t make me glum.

You don’t creep up slow one bit,
You’re like a raging wave crashing and shit.

I don’t enjoy those nights you steal, why can’t you see my dreams feel real.
Then when you leave me without a trace in sight, like a one night stand, a jerk in the night.

I am left with the visions of the past, to haunt me while you get the laugh.
My greatest fears you pick out like gold, you throw them in my face and tell me what isn’t bought or sold.

You play your games at my expense and I’m left feeling out of sense.
Nightmare Oh Nightmare
I wished you’d all just go away
Pack your baggage and flee the states.

Yet here I am the morning after with all these thoughts of chaos and disaster.
Some tears are shed when my fears are seen, irrational thoughts quickly turn mean.

I fight the pillow in bed not awake surely it’s a Nightmare instead, please be fake. I wake to see nothing was real but here I am giving you the spill.

This poem goes out to all my blessed family and friends for you should know my fears so maybe
my Nightmares will end.
I fear losing what special people I know, I fear losing touch and not being close. I fear not loving enough or doing the most.

We all have fears and there mine are, maybe if we get them out they won’t become who we are.

For now I must hope my Nightmares will end, until we meet again you slimy dark fiend.


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