Missing You

This is a old poem for 2009 dont judge me it’s really old. And I was in a totally different place when I wrote it. 

~Missing You~

The distance has grown and

I miss you.

You never stop just to say “hey.”

I miss you.

Does this not effect you?

Because I miss you.

Never thought I could make it alone, I’m only barely hanging on.

I miss you.

He holds your hand and it tears me apart.

I miss you.

You kiss him and it breaks my heart.

I miss you.

You’re the only one I want and you’re not mine anymore. 

I miss you.

Have things really changed, do you no longer feel the same?

I miss you.

I’d rather be playing your games than longing to say your name.

I miss you.

Do you not see, how horrible this is on me?

I miss you.

Rescue me from all this pain, show me what’s behind your mask.

This is all I wanted, I want you back; 

So I needed to ask…

Do you miss me?

By ladylucychaos

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