Lost Souls Found


Two Souls

Held up by the world.

Nothing matters.

Nothing hurts.

Stars forever sparkle

In the dreams of the sky.

When the light goes away, 

The souls learn to fly.

No one can stop, No one will break,

Us from our love;

There’s somethings you can’t take.

No lies you will hear.

No worries caused by fear.

I love you and I’m forever near. 

By ladylucychaos

Moving on once upon a time…


My thoughts constantly changing, moving, shape-shifting; right before my eyes. 

Words I always believed,

Now are nothing but lies.

Relying on others with not shit left,

I’ve found my true friends,

And learned to only rely on myself. 

I’ll travel west with the wind.

Go and come as I please.

See where I fit in and always suit my needs.

My hearts been shattered,

Glue now holds it together.

When I get sad I see nothing but bad weather…

The trees I’ll seek for shelter,

The Sun will soak in my skin,

The Wind gives me direction;

Ever searching for happiness within.

My journey will be long but I know that I am strong. 


By ladylucychaos

Dazzle me

**Again this poem is another one from 2009**

Silly girl, Pretty Girl

Why do you do this to me?

My mind unravels as roots, it travels up and down

Screaming, searching, for something found. 

I want you however it may come.

I need to feel something constant and for this tree you have such a green thumb.

Hold me close, my leaves will never fall.

Kiss me how you want, I’ll shade you if you call. 

My mind is now a tree, my thoughts branch off and from here everything’s clear to me.

You’re the one who makes me happy and you’re all I want to see. 

By ladylucychaos

Missing You

This is a old poem for 2009 dont judge me it’s really old. And I was in a totally different place when I wrote it. 

~Missing You~

The distance has grown and

I miss you.

You never stop just to say “hey.”

I miss you.

Does this not effect you?

Because I miss you.

Never thought I could make it alone, I’m only barely hanging on.

I miss you.

He holds your hand and it tears me apart.

I miss you.

You kiss him and it breaks my heart.

I miss you.

You’re the only one I want and you’re not mine anymore. 

I miss you.

Have things really changed, do you no longer feel the same?

I miss you.

I’d rather be playing your games than longing to say your name.

I miss you.

Do you not see, how horrible this is on me?

I miss you.

Rescue me from all this pain, show me what’s behind your mask.

This is all I wanted, I want you back; 

So I needed to ask…

Do you miss me?

By ladylucychaos