Sonni and Hazey Dayz

Love lights my dayz, smoke enters us into a haze, leaving us to contemplate each phase.

With words we say, I’ll love you always.

The Sun sets here on the plains, as the moon peaks out to show her face. I love the night in every way.

Bring me your ear and I’ll spin you a tale, pour more wine and sit for a spell.

Bring me closer to things of wonder, wiser and younger. 

I talked to a tree and she said listen hard, my leaves may fall but I still stand tall. 

Don’t trip over your roots they show you where you came from.

Fire or Hail I’m still a tree. 

Be stable, strongly stand up for what you believe and be constant.

One day we’ll grow into mighty trees until then they are my shade, and I am grateful. 

I’ll read your leaves and grow just like I should. I’ll never stray for this is my Foresthood. 

Moon Chile you speak within me open up and pour out a sea. 

Fly with me over the moon, take my hand, we’ll use my broom. 

Faster than lightening, Louder than a Black Cat’s cry, We will be one and soar past our forgotten sky.

All your craziest dreams could come true, if that’s what you want I’ll show you too.

 As these words like string come un-done, I repeat what I mean, love is my light even in the darkest night. 

No fear in these eyes, they’ve lived before, they know all the lies. 

By ladylucychaos

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