Letter to my Dad

Dear Dad,

You were the one I looked up to as a child. I defend you when she would say otherwise.

You took me to work with you and let me drive Bulldozers, Caterpillars, and Backhoes.

You bought me camo coveralls and took me hunting. You taught me how to fish on the banks of red clay with chicken livers and earth worms.

You let me live with you when you lived on a mountain. We hunted deer, turkeys, and rattle snakes together. I helped you build our first house and I was still in diapers.

I would love a lizard to death and you’d bring him back to life, by going outside our house and catching me another one but never telling me till I was older.

You took me mud boggin before it was cool.

You are the only person I’ve ever seen climb safely all the way to to the top of a tree and then make it back down in one  piece.

You spoiled me rotten, especially when you saved up and bought me a ferret, who until his life was done you took care of.

You’re the only person I know who would buy a ferret three different kinds of food cause he only liked certain parts of each, or who would take all the chocolate off a reeses cup just so the ferret could have the peanut butter inside.

Until last year I thought you had disappeared forever.

When I found out you were in jail, I was just glad you were alive.

I know I haven’t made the greatest effort in staying in touch with you over these last few months and I’m sorry. I will do better. I just wanted you to know things were never shitty when I was with you. You were the best dad I could have ever asked for.

I will be in touch soon and I will always keep you in my heart.

With much love, Your daughter.


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