Last nights dream

Last night I went to bed with many things on my mind, I woke up today only to find, more cramps. 

In my dream I was with a friend, Towanda we were. A spree righting wrongs and super market isles.

We were running about with legs that didn’t touch the ground, you call it flying, it’s just how we get around.

When I felt it I knew, she was there. Though I’ve never seen her face I saw it last night. 

And let me tell you something, she puts the scare in fright. She pierced me with her cold black stare, her witches nose and her frizzy black hair. 

I would’ve peed my pants but I wasn’t scared. And when it was just me she saw, I feared the worst. 

She did the thing with the thing and said a few words, if only I could remember I’d call them absurd. 

I swirled back into a trance, stuck, watching her every move.

I do remember her clothes looked quite trashed, black and silver robes but ripped and torn without a stich or sash. 

After our encounter the dream had lived to its end, I woke up startled but knew I was safe and home again. 

By ladylucychaos

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