Strange Stranded Feelings Composed.



In land like mine not so very far away there is a writer of sorts typing away. Since my last day of Freedom I have been feeling quite strange, like there is new blood flowing in my veins. I feel taller, and stronger, with powers of wind and wander. Something inside is on the rise of change, feelings new are coming deranged.

Throw back a beer while the Goddess sips slowly on her wine, our words flowed together like souls meant only to intertwine.
 The hour passed with such grace time should’ve stopped, because I could’ve stayed there all day just to listen to her talk. She wrapped me in her blessings as I went on my way, giving me new feelings to contemplate for the rest of the day.

The Goddess in question is like none I’ve encountered before, she greeted my bare feet as I walked to her door. My eyes shone brighter than they have in a while, there’s something about her that makes me feel WILD. This is only the beginning, my words here are true.
On our second meeting such a painful rendezvous taught me even with fear in her Ancient eyes there was still strength deep within that resinated and now flowed through me. The young Maiden, sent to pierce the Crone, only to be gifted with the glorious thoughts of becoming the Mother. The cycle, a scared circle, shared. A new family and tribe; tellings of a soon to be bride.

Her Cherokee skin was harder than I thought and with precious spilt  blood as red as my hair she was dizzy. I doctored her piercing until the crystal gem shone through, perfection, it was done and now in her hands to care after.

A smoke and a hug left me feeling just as dizzy, yet I wanted to shout and jump with glee, I felt her energy dance around me as fairies do. 

My strange feeling has turned into a pull, there is something in the divine telling me I need her in my life, pushing me at her coattail like a child in a department store. I do not wish to burden the Goddess I just wish to be a sponge, to soak in the goodness, the laughter, the love of a mother/sister I’ve never known…

Blessed Be xoxo


By ladylucychaos

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